Relieve Arthritis Pain With Stem Cells

Foot Arthritis

Arthritis pain can be debilitating and it can interfere with the quality of your life. The pain of arthritis can make your life miserable and it is hard to stop unless you want to take pain medication. Pain medication can lead to side effects and cause problems with your liver and stomach. A more natural treatment is to use stem cells to stop the pain of arthritis which the site Attica Project Health also mentions.

Arthritis is caused by joint inflammation which makes your joints stiff and also causes pain. The pain often grows worse and eventually the cartilage will wear away from the ends of your bones and your bones will actually rub together which is very painful.

If you have arthritis, you will feel pain and stiffness in your joints. Your joints are likely to swell and they could also become red. You are likely to experience a decrease in your range of motion as well.

Many people get arthritis as they age due to the wear and tear on your joints. Over the years, your cartilage can start to wear down and the arthritis pain will set in. If you have a family history of the disorder you are more likely to get it and women are more likely to get arthritis than men. If you are overweight, you are also more likely to develop arthritis.

As arthritis gets worse, it becomes more difficult to do things. If you have arthritis in your hands, it will be difficult to take care of your daily tasks and if you have it in your knees or back, you might find that it is hard to walk comfortably. Your joints can even become deformed.

Arthritis is usually treated with medication. Many people take pain medication for their arthritis, but pain medication can have long term effects on your health and cause liver and stomach problems. A better alternative is to use stem cell treatment. With stem cell treatment, the doctor is going to harvest stem cells from your body and inject them into your arthritic joints. The stem cells will help heal your joints and they can actually cause the cartilage to grow again. Pain and inflammation are reduced and your body begins to naturally heal itself. Stem cell treatments have brought relief to many people and the treatments are natural and non-invasive.

If you are not able to get relief from other treatments, you might need surgery to repair or replace your joints. Many people have joint replacements in their hips and knees. Some people find relief with yoga and massage is also very soothing and can provide some relief.

There are special exercises you can do to relieve arthritis pain and just getting out and walking can help you improve movement in your joints. You don’t want to let your joints stiffen up as this can just make your problems worse. Using natural treatment methods for arthritis is a safe and healthier way to treat arthritis pain so you can start moving again.