How To Properly Organize And Store Your Pokemon Cards

Pokemon Stuffed Toy

Pokemon cards are still considered to be a hot item among collectors, but they also need to remain in good condition if you hope to get years of enjoyment out of your cards. Should you look to sell your collection down the line, condition is truly everything to the modern collector. Taking care of your cards ultimately comes down to knowing how to organize and store them properly. We have compiled a few ideas for you to get started!

Binders And Plastic Pockets

The safest and most affordable way to store your cards is to purchase a 3-ring binder for this very purpose. If you’re looking for something cheap, try the school supplies aisle at any one of your favorite stores. However, if you’re a serious collector with some expensive items in the mix, you can purchase archival binders or binder boxes to keep your collection looking new.

Now that you have the binder for storage, you will need to purchase plastic binder inserts. These pages can easily be acquired online and will fit most trading cards, especially Pokemon. When choosing binder pages for organization, choose an archival product that won’t harm the finish of your cards. These pages can store your cards easily within reach and keep away dust, mold, and humidity.

Wooden Card Catalog

If you’re a hardcore Pokemon card collector and you have thousands of cards to organize, you may want to start thinking big and acquire a wooden card catalog. These large pieces of furniture consist of numerous drawers that you can easily label and slide out to gain access to your cards. You can purchase vintage style card catalogs brand new online, but if you opt for an original antique, you should invest some money into fixing it up.

Invest In Deck Boxes

If you’re a novice collector and just working on building your collection for right now, deck boxes are a very affordable option for you to look into. These boxes are made of durable plastic and are approximately the same size as your cards. They make organization easy and can be stored pretty much anywhere in your room. Of course, deck boxes aren’t the most stylish way to display your cards, but they do offer basic protection.

Boxes With Slots

You can purchase boxes with small slots to store your cards at hobby stores like those mention on or office supply stores. They are not as easy as displaying all of your cards by category in a binder, but they make it easy for you to carry your cards while keeping them neatly stacked.

Organizing your Pokemon cards is a fun endeavor and it doesn’t have to be costly. Unless you’re the owner of one of the rarest cards ever produced, you can get away with basic and affordable storage without the need for archival products. Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas to help you get started and you will have no trouble preserving your cards for many more years to come!